The National Casino Forum, which represents all the land-based casinos, is actively supporting Responsible Gambling Week, a major cross-industry initiative taking place November 1-7, 2018.

All five sectors of the gambling industry are coming together to hold the biggest ever national conversation about responsible gambling. The event is being organised by the Industry Group for Responsible Gambling (IGRG), of which the NCF is a leading member, and the theme is Let’s Talk About Responsible Gambling.

This year’s event will build on last year’s inaugural Responsible Gambling Week, which encompassed more than 10,000 gambling venues and involved more than 121,000 employees, and is now also being supported by gambling operators in Ireland. It promotes a dialogue between operators, their customers and the wider public about what it means to gamble responsibly. 

Literature handed out at casinos and content posted online gives players advice on setting limits, only spending what they can afford, never gambling when angry or frustrated and never putting gambling before family and friends. Responsible Gambling Week also signposts specialist support services for those who need it.

During the 2017 Responsible Gambling Week, staff at Genting publicised the event with a variety of initiatives, including putting an exercise bike in reception to cycle the distance between all Genting casinos in areas promoting responsible gambling; a ‘Take a break, buy a cup cake’ charity promotion; and other charity events, including the Great Manchester Bake Off. 

Meanwhile, Les Ambassadeurs Club in London displayed a giant Responsible Gambling Week banner outside the casino. In many casinos, business cards were prominently displayed with information about the self-exclusion scheme, SENSE. In clubs with Chinese customers, literature was displayed in Chinese containing responsible gambling messages.

The National Casino Forum will co-ordinate activities for the 2018 event, encouraging staff at all venues to participate, and the event will be heavily promoted on all social media channels.