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SENSE Self-Enrolment National Self-Exclusion
An improved self-exclusion process whereby an individual can be excluded nationally from land based UK casino gambling in a single request.

ACE Accreditation, Certification and Evaluation
An independent panel to evaluate a casino operator’s CSR and recommend where areas of improvement are necessary.

Test Purchasing
An independent and robust third party test purchase programme ‘Think 21’ (Think 25 in Scotland) was introduced by the NCF members to test door entry and age verification protocols. The quote below from Jenny Williams, CEO of The UK Gambling Commission recognises the casino sector commitment to keeping underage people out of casino venues.

‘As you know the Commission considers test purchasing a useful means for operators to help identify and assess weaknesses that might exist in operators’ policies and procedures or the way in which they are implemented on the ground….

In short we applaud the continued efforts of the NCF and its members to deliver the licensing objectives and are confident that as a result accessing casino premises will be a rare event indeed for young people and children.’

Focus Groups
To better understand player behaviour with the intention to inform the public and minimise harm that may be caused through gambling.

To investigate ways of improving responsible gambling policies and to deliver practical applications in the casino gambling environment.