Q) Does the IPCA deal with all types of gambling complaints?

A) No, the IPCA only deals with gambling complaints relevant to land based casino or bingo operators.

Q) How can I be sure that the ADR process is fair and transparent?

A) The Gambling Commission is the regulator and competent authority in the UK for all gambling related alternate dispute resolutions.

The Gambling Commission has procedures in place which all ADR entities have to adhere to ensuring that the process is fair and transparent.

Q) Do I have to pay for ADR?

A) No, the ADR service is free of charge to the customer.

Q) What happens if I am unhappy or disagree with the IPCA decision?

A) If you are unhappy or disagree with the decision of the IPCA you can seek legal advice, however this would be at your own financial cost.

Q) Where can I get a list of all ADR providers?

A) An up to date list can be found on the Gambling Commission website