A one-stop hub to debate and develop innovative approaches to social responsibility – from both inside and outside the casino sector – and on best practice in the sector.

Chaired by Lynda Atkinson, it is a central point where suppliers and individuals can present their social responsibility initiatives to the whole casino sector rather than approaching individual operators. It is also the forum where operators can share their own initiatives and pool their knowledge and experiences of past initiatives, as well as discussing current and future ideas.

Debating both the successes and failures of these initiatives will allow the Social Responsibility Forum to devise ‘best practice’ guidelines and advice, based on projects that have been conducted.

Social responsibility is at the heart of all operators’ business models. The Social Responsibility Forum will meet quarterly and uphold the principles enshrined in Playing Safe.


This shapes the ongoing research project being carried out by operators with the Canadian firm, Focal Research, to examine machine play in UK casinos. The project is assessing a new method for identifying high-risk gambling patterns among casino customers.

Operators are providing Focal Research with data on its regular players, allowing the company to test its model. Information on the number of players with the highest potential to become Gamblers of Interest is then shared with operators.

Regular workshops are being held to develop the research project and Focal Research will provide operators with a monthly customer ALeRT listing; the model identifies high-risk customers by how they are gambling, not by how much they are gambling. Focal Research is working with operators to develop a system that is easy to use and implement.