NCF Structure


Chief Executive Tracy Damestani

Directors Jon Duffy and Richard Wade

NCF Forums
Strategy Forum
Chairman Simon Thomas
Vice Chairman Richard Noble

Operations Forum
Chairman David Livermore

Machines Working Group
Strategist Mark Beattie

CEO Tracy Damestani
Social Responsibility Advisor Professor Yvonne Guerrier BA. MA Ph.D

ACE Panel
Chairman Professor Yvonne Guerrier BA. MA Ph.D
Executive Dr Guy Bohane
Executive Tom Kavanagh CBE
Executive Dr Christeen George

Taxation Forum
Principal Lead Mike Rothwell

Principal Lead Doug Reeman

Principal Lead Craig Murray

Independent Panel for Casino and Bingo Arbitration (IPCA)
ADR Entity National Casino Forum
ADR Controller Tom Kavanagh
ADR Officers Ken Duncan, Robert Good BSc, Robert McCulloch Meek and Billy Sherry

Active Working Groups:
Gambling Advisory Group
Gambling Commission Casino Sector Working Group
Dept Business Inovation and Skills (BIS)
Home Office Advisory Group
Trade Association Group
Westminster Entertainment Forum