Chips Charity

CHIPS Charity (the charity of the casino and gaming industry) was founded over 15 years ago and has raised over £1 million to help disabled youngsters, by supplying them with powered wheelchairs. These powered wheelchairs enable the youngsters to go wherever they wish to go, whenever they wish to go, without having to wait for a carer to push them. CHIPS Charity gives these youngsters their freedom, mobility and independence and thereby their dignity. All the funds raised go to helping these desperately needy children, not one penny is taken in expenses, the committee work for free.



Caesars Entertainment UK donates £6K to Chips

Josh Coleman is 11 years old and attends Bedelsford School in Kingston upon Thames.
Josh has Downs Syndrome, severe learning difficulties and Cerebral Palsy.

He has limited mobility using a walking aid but he tires easily, so is reliant on his powered wheelchair.

Josh uses his powered wheelchair on a daily basis around school and during the holidays. He is a very able driver and his chair gives him the independence to go where he chooses, when he chooses.

Sharon Coleman, Josh’s mother said: “The powered wheelchair Josh currently uses is far too small for him and adds to our problems. This new chair will change our lives”.

Michael Silberling, President of International Operations for Caesars Entertainment in the UK said: “We are delighted to be able to help Josh and Sharon; Sharon is a former employee, so we welcomed the opportunity to raise additional funds for CHIPS to provide Josh with a new chair. He is a delightful and very engaging young lad, we look forward to hearing about his progress”.