We represent the UK’s land-based casinos.
We promote a well-regulated, socially responsible and
economically sustainable casino industry.


The National Casino Forum is a non-profit trade association. Our mission is to ensure the UK’s casinos provide a safe and enjoyable environment for our customers, offering first-class hospitality and helping them gamble responsibly. The customer must always come first.
We represent the UK’s casino operators and work closely with regulators, government, charities and other industry stakeholders. Casinos are an integral part of the modern leisure and entertainment industry with over 14 million visits a year. We want to make the UK the most attractive destination in the world for gaming.
We promote modernisation and innovation in the industry, harmonised regulation and a fair tax regime. We are committed to encouraging social responsibility and diversity amongst operators.
The National Casino Forum is a board member of the European Casino Association and our chief executive is the Vice-Chair of the ECA; the NCF is a member of the Industry Group for Responsible Gambling and an active participant in the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board’s advisory group.


Tracy Damestani



The origins of the National Casino Forum go back as far as 1966 when the British Gaming Association was established – it was the first formalised membership body in the gambling industry.

It paved the way for an era of co-operation amongst operators, allowing the land-based casino industry to speak with one voice. The BGA morphed into the British Casino Association and then the National Casino Industry Forum before being re-branded as the National Casino Forum in 2009.

The National Casino Forum represents all British casinos, making it unique in the gambling industry. Our role is:

•  to encourage and highlight best practice across the industry
•  to promote the land-based casino sector
•  to make the customer our number one priority
•  to be leaders in social responsibility
•  to promote more diversity in business


Casinos are an integral part of the UK’s entertainment, hospitality and leisure sector. Our aim is to offer our customers a full range of the most up-to-date products, no matter which casino they are visiting, and to give them a superior gaming experience in the UK.

The British casino industry is committed to ensuring its customers, public, the government and our regulator, The Gambling Commission, have confidence in the way we conduct our business.

We embrace the spirit, as well as the letter, of the 2005 Gambling Act and go well beyond our statutory responsibilities to protect the young and vulnerable. We ensure gambling in our casinos is closely and expertly supervised. Casinos have more licensed and trained staff than any other sector of the gambling industry.

In 2012, former Gambling Minister Richard Caborn told MPs: ‘Casinos are the safest place to gamble’.

Playing Safe is the pioneering industry-wide programme, launched by the National Casino Forum in 2013, to promote responsible gambling in every casino. Playing Safe and its Principles will continue to define the way the UK casino industry conducts its business.

Casinos are evaluated by ACE, an independent panel of respected academics and industry experts, to ensure they conform to these Principles and receive accreditation.

A national voluntary self-exclusion programme, SENSE – the first of its kind in the industry – was launched in 2015 for customers who believe they might be at risk and it is independently evaluated on a rolling basis.

Our commitment to responsible gambling is visible and measurable. It is at the heart of all that we do.


The National Casino Forum’s Information Security Management System (ISMS) will include all physical and information assets owned by the NCF; all data provided by members and clients, including personal data; and all services, support and data provided to members and clients.

The objective is to assure our members, customers and other third parties that the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their information assets are paramount and that all necessary technical and organisational controls have been put in place to protect them.

The National Casino Forum is implementing the ISMS framework and will review its security policy periodically. The ISMS is designed to comply with ISO27001:2013 and the National Casino Forum intends to maintain compliance.

Modern Slavery Act

The National Casino Forum and all its members are signed up the tenets of the Modern Slavery Act, which form part of our terms of membership.

All operators must take responsibility for ensuring they understand the risks of modern slavery and that there is no modern slavery in their own business and supply chains. They must have a designated individual responsible for co-ordinating policy in this area and, where necessary, training staff and carrying out due diligence on their business and the supply chain.


The National Casino Forum, which represents all the UK’s land-based operators, has launched a new initiative to promote diversity and inclusion in the casino sector.



The NCF’s mission is to support the interests of the UK land-based casino operators. Our members offer a modern and diverse range of gambling products in an exciting, enjoyable and safe environment.

The NCF runs forums to develop and innovate the casino industry. Our members are actively involved with all aspects of casino gaming legislation and regulation. We help inform policy makers on the current and future growth of the sector.

Our core activities include working with Government departments, the Gambling Commission, Local Authorities, researchers and academics within the gambling field and care providers. We are a fully GDPR compliant organisation.


We represent the casino industry’s interests at the highest political level, supporting innovation and modernisation. We seek a fair tax regime for casino operators and campaign for harmonised regulation. We believe effective legislation can boost employment and encourage economic growth, bringing more revenue to HM Treasury.

Our members are actively involved with all aspects of casino gaming regulation. We help inform policy makers on the current and future growth of the sector. We work with Government departments, our regulator, the Gambling Commission, and Local Authorities.


Our commitment to responsible gambling is paramount. All casino operators have signed up to the principles of Playing Safe, a commitment to safeguard customers and make casinos safe places to gamble. All casino employees are regularly trained and accredited in social responsibility practices.

We ensure the risks associated with gambling are understood, measured and communicated to customers. The casino sector makes a significant contribution to research, education and treatment, giving 0.1% of annual Gross Gaming Yield (GGY) directly to the charity GambleAware.


We communicate examples of best practice within the industry, sharing information throughout our sector. Our trade association is unique within the gambling industry because it represents all the major operators and we work collaboratively.

This means we can ensure that successful initiatives are developed and promoted to all staff, regardless of where they work; operators can learn from each other and adapt a joined-up approach to issues that affect the industry rather than pursuing piecemeal solutions. All casinos have a chance to adapt best practice.


We engage with journalists on behalf of our members to dispel myths and outdated views of the casino sector, providing accurate information about the modern industry.

We promote industry events, such as The UK Dealer Championship, which highlight the talent and career opportunities within the industry. We play an active role in several international organisations, including the Institute of Licensing and the European Association for the Study of Gambling.


The Industry Group for Responsible Gambling (‘IGRG’) has today announced major changes to its Gambling Industry Code for Socially Responsible Advertising.



We have set six strategic objectives for the UK casino industry:

• Promoting the benefits of social responsibility within the industry
• Modernisation and innovation
• Harmonising regulations
• Equitable and efficient fiscal policies
• Constructive and positive interaction with stakeholders
• Greater diversity at boardroom level


We recognise that social responsibility in the UK casino industry is fundamental to the sector’s reputation and its contribution to tourism, entertainment, employment, investment and economic growth.

We understand that, for some people, gambling is a contentious issue. Through Playing Safe, the casino industry is committed to developing responsible gambling protocols and addressing issues of social responsibility. Members of the NCF agreed voluntarily to contribute 0.1% of their Gross Gambling Yield to GambleAware, which researches the prevention and treatment of gambling-related harm and funds treatment of those harmed by gambling. Under a new system, introduced in 2017, the donations are now made directly to the charity.


• Work with Government departments, the Gambling Commission and Local Authorities to provide information and data to identify the social and economic impacts of casino gambling.

• Support properly targeted research that contributes to positive and proportionate policies on responsible gambling.

• Engage with expert treatment providers and advisory bodies, ensuring that gambling messages are safeguarding our customers.


Technology is continually evolving in response to consumer demand and we are seeing new gaming products and new methods for delivering existing games appearing in the electronic marketplace, both online and in international casinos.

However, regulations introduced under the 2005 Gambling Act to create the safest and most regulated environment for all legal gaming products, had the unintended effect of preventing casinos from offering many of these products.

We want to ensure land-based casinos, which are heavily regulated, have the same access to digital technology as other parts of the sector, which are less regulated. Legal products and services, which  are widely used outside the casino, should be permitted inside safe and regulated premises.

We are seeking:

• To make it legal to offer online access both inside a casino and outside a casino.

• To allow casino operators to offer virtual cards and freer access to electronic gaming equipment without compromising standards.

• Stakes and prizes that reflect those available elsewhere and online.


We want the regulatory regime to be rationalised to allow all casinos to operate on an equal footing and according to the same commercial parameters. The 2005 Act was passed into law in September 2007, but very few new casinos have been licensed since then and changes in the economic environment mean that some of the new licences will never be developed.

Meanwhile, casinos operating under the 1968 Act are constrained in “permitted areas” defined 50 years ago. Changing demographics means that many of these original sites are no longer commercially viable while other areas are prohibited from licensing a casino. We propose harmonized regulations and greater flexibility to allow industry to respond to changing markets.

We will:

• Work with the government, local licensing authorities and communities to help the new Small and Large 2005 Act casinos to develop successfully.

• Seek changes that create a level playing field, allowing existing casinos to operate under the same commercial freedoms and restraints as new Small 2005 Act casinos and to offer the same products.

• Encourage government to work with industry on a re-invigorated modernisation agenda in which the existing industry can fully participate.

• Work for freedom to transfer existing casino licences between willing Local Authorities outside the 1968 Act Permitted Areas.


The taxes imposed on the casino gambling industry in the UK are inconsistent, incoherent and punitive. They threaten businesses, jobs and reinvestment.

We will:

• Seek equity in taxation through a structure that fully recognises the contribution made by the British casino industry to the UK economy through direct and indirect employment and economic activity in the community.

• Work to improve the knowledge and understanding of politicians and officials through individual contact and through information forums.

• Maintain regular dialogue with the Gambling Commission, DCMS and Treasury to improve understanding.


We are committed to working positively with everyone who has an interest in the industry, including customers, the communities where we operate and the regulatory authorities, with whom we promote shared objectives.

We understand that for our industry to enjoy the widest public support we must continue to be socially responsible at both an individual and a corporate level and provide improved benefits to the community by contributing directly to economic growth and providing first-class entertainment facilities.

We will continue to:

• Actively engage with all stakeholder groups, including those opposed to gambling.

• Promote good corporate citizenship.


The casino industry is female-friendly – 40% of 14,000 staff employed by operators in the UK are women and around 30% of senior managers are female – but there are few women in the boardroom.

We are working with experts to develop a programme to help operators understand the underlying reasons why there are so few women in our boardrooms and equip them with a range of strategic solutions.

We are setting out a roadmap for change and encouraging operators to use expert advice at every level of their business, from the executive team downwards, providing the tools to embed permanent change.

The casino industry needs to think about how it is perceived from the outside – it needs female leaders and more diverse boardrooms that better reflect the composition of our society.

The National Casino Forum’s chief executive, Tracy Damestani, has been named as one of the 10 most influential women in the industry.



‘Our forums develop and share best practice amongst operators, actively involving our members in all aspects of casino legislation and regulation and shaping the future growth of the industry.’


Tracy Damestani


Strategy Forum
 Richard Noble
Vice Chairman: Mike Rothwell

Independent Chair: Doug Reeman

Social Responsibility Forum
Chair: Andrew Poole (Grosvenor)

Compliance and Regulatory Forum
 David Livermore


Independent Panel for Casino and Bingo Arbitration (IPCA)
ADR Entity National Casino Forum
ADR Controller: Tom Kavanagh
ADR Officers: Ken Duncan, Robert Good BSc and Robert McCulloch Meek

Chair: Craig Murray


Machines Working Group
Principle Lead: Mark Beattie
Responsible Gambling Strategy Board Advisory Group
Gambling Commission Casino Sector
HMRC/HMT Advisory Group
Dept. Business Energy and Industrial Strategy
Home Office Advisory Group
Independent Group for Responsible Gambling
General Data Protection Regulation Advisory Group
Future Payments Advisory Group
Diversity Working Group
Principal Leads: Alison Sullivan and Marieanne Carmody-Weir
Taxation Advisory Group
Principal Lead: Robert Cairns
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The NCF is open to operators of casinos and offers associate membership to suppliers, lawyers, accountants and others who work with the casino industry.

For more information please email info@nationalcasinoforum.co.uk


For general enquiries, please contact:

National Casino Forum (NCF)
Carlyle House
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Tel: 020 7828 5410

Email: info@nationalcasinoforum.co.uk


The National Casino Forum can provide information on any issue relating to the land-based casino industry.

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